How to have an effective reading routine?

1. Associate it with activities you enjoy. For example, if you love scrolling on your social media. Like Facebook, following pages with topics that interest you, is a good start. Mostly, it takes only seconds to finish, reading.

2.Read beyond your academic requirem. Find topics that suite your taste. We need to admit that reading romantic novels had different effects on us other than watching it through movies and watching television series.

3. Find a group with the same interests as you. Either personally or virtually, it is an effective way to encourage us. In a group, we had a chance to share our insights about our experiences reading.

4. Make a specific time for the day to read. For example, before sleeping. We all know that reading helps us to relax. An inspirational book every morning can make our day, great.

5. Don’t force yourself. Start small. Like reading a short quote each day. As a source of inspiration. Learn one or two words a day from a dictionary. As the day passed you will be surprised how you grow.

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